15 Teeth Myths You Probably Believe – Teeth Video

The teeth may become darker with age especially after a long period of drinking sweet drinks as well as coffee. Certain people believe that acids whiten their teeth. Acid intake will not forever bleach your teeth. After you quit eating foods that are acidic the teeth will go to their original color. It is possible to whiten your teeth with the help of hydrogen peroxide as well as whiten your teeth at the dentist once or every two years. In addition, tooth decay can become reversible based on the extent of the cavity, contrary to popular belief that they aren’t. A mouthful of bacteria could lead to tooth decay and dental cavities if left untreated. If the bacteria get into the inner layer of your tooth, the damage could be irreparable.

There’s also a common belief that diet soda will have no effect on cavities. However, diet soda and other healthy beverages like orange juice and apple juice are a source of acid which increases the buildup of tartar and the formation of bacterial plaque. This can lead to tooth decay and periodontal diseases. hfptk42b1i.