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News Below are some important facts on the most popular topics. How Is Bail Determined? You should inquire about when and where the bail decisions are made. Most often, the judge makes a decision regarding the bail on the first night you get locked up. For the judge to decide the amount that you have to cover the bail judge must conduct a bail hearing. There’s a chance that you’ll get a bond or can be held on bail for the duration of the trial continues. If your court date gets moved, you might be eligible for an extended bail. It is called bail extended meaning. What is Bail? Bail conditions for common assaults could leave you with a huge amount of money to pay. Still, you can get released if someone is willing to pay the bail bond business with a cash deposit. If you’re released on bail, it is important to show up at the court at the right time. This could put stress on those responsible for your release. The search for a reliable bail agency is a matter of research. Ask several companies about the cost of their services and also what particular features they give.