Beware of These Dangers When Driving Golf Carts – Funny Sports Videos

A maximum speed of between 12 to 14 miles per hour. The highest speed for the cart with no modifications is as follows. The assumption is that you aren’t able to inflict an injury on such a high speed. The YouTube video “Why Golf Carts are Becoming extremely Dangerous” emphasizes the risks of riding on carts.
What causes injuries from the Golf Cart

Certain states such as California have made it legal to drive golf carts on public roads, providing that the driver has a valid driver’s license and in that the cart properly equipped to travel on a public road. The body functions as the regular golf cart. However, the engine has been modified to be used in public roadways.

Common causes of golf cart injuries include overloading the golf cart with persons, which can cause the golf cart to falling over, rolling on a golf cart, or when someone gets thrown from a golf cart.

It’s important to follow correct golf cart behavior on golf courses and public roads by limiting the quantity of vehicles and adhering to road rules.