Can a SUV Fit In An U-Haul – Car Talk Podcast

It is a great way to move items from one place to the point of departure. This typically includes cases of binders, pictures or collectibles. There is also the possibility of transporting furniture too. Have you thought of transporting the other vehicle by using a UHaul. The saying goes that there are first-times for everything. This was certainly the case for one person who attempted to transport an SUV inside his U-Haul. There were, however, a few problems with this. The U-Haul wasn’t his. The second reason was that the vehicle had a length of four feet that was too long. You can watch the video to find out what happens the next time. Let’s just say, the suspect may have to ask about bail bond agents after the incident.

The motorist tried driving the U-Haul using the vehicle strapped up with only one strap. It was evident that this wasn’t sufficient. It was also noted by police. They swiftly pulled the suspect over. They also quickly noticed that the suspect did not have a criminal record other than mere incompetence. He also missed his hearing at the courthouse for another offence.