COVID-19 Mobile Testing Lab Made From Shipping Containers in San Diego – Greg’s Health Journal

The only thing you have to do is download their app to download, then head to their testing location, staying in your car the entire time. Two methods for COVID-19 test stimulation has been created by them. Both COVID test and the antibody test require an insertion of the finger. The COVID test will require a mouth swab. These tests cost $75 to $135. Results will be direct to the person’s cell phone. FDA Approval has been granted to the mobile lab’s method.

The firm that built this lab on wheels has plans to create thousands more and more. They are planning to set up these labs across the United States and other countries also. Furthermore, the labs will be moved around as hotspots are moved all over the country. They intend to keep using it for testing the fluand various other ailments after the pandemic. yv7uskljs5.