Dental Service 101 – Dental Magazine

There are many types of dental work. General dentistry assists with two times a year dental exams and cavity fillings with bridges, crowns and even root canals. General dentists handle around 90% of all dental cases.

Specialist dentists are for those who require more complex dentistry. Specialist dentists are general dentists who concentrate on one primary dental need like orthodontics, cosmetic changes, or other major jobs.

Specialist dentists can also practice in hospital settings. Many diseases have early symptoms that are visible in the mouth. So these dentists are brought in to check for the presence or absence of specific symptoms of the disease. It is possible that diabetes could be a sign of sore and bleeding gums. An indication of diabetes is an uncomfortable or stiff jaw.

General and specialist dentists make use of a variety tools to conduct an examination. Modern technology allows dentists to perform more precisely during their correctional work, and with reduced pain and a shorter recovery period for their patients. 1k17oab6tu.