Get Rid of Termites With These Helpful Tips – Family Magazine

The termites are a very harmful type of pest.

Termites are commonly misinterpreted in the eyes of homeowners. Contrary to ants which have arm-shaped antennae, ribbed stomachs, and elbow-shaped stomachs however, termites possess ribbed stomachs. The distinction is vital in the identification of termites.

Termites use thin mud tubes for access to their dwellings. They can be as small as 0.25 inches in diameter. These mud tubes are damp and are a good way to encourage termite activity. Damage caused by termites can be identified from the exterior of homes when you look for hollow beams as well as discarded wings on the exterior of homes, like joints cracks, electric meters, fuse boxes, as well as fences.

Make sure your home is free of termites damages in the attic. Inspect subfloors, roof bods and crawl space.

For proper home pest control It is recommended to speak with an expert with insecticides and pesticides. The use of dust or foam agents as well as baits placed on the lawn are also effective.