Heres How to Indentify Implicit Bias in Policing – Dt W News

iously, without full knowledge that the actor is enjoying. It is exactly the way implicit bias manifests itself by way of implicit attitudes, or untrue associations with persons. Police officers can also be exposed to implicit bias. It is commonly used by officers to are unfairly treated because people belong to a specific race or something that has been socially associated with a group of people.

It’s very easy to recognize implicit biases that are present in the work of police officers. In the event that a police agent or any other member of the police force does something, like checking and stopping the vehicles of people from different races, more than other vehicles driven by people of other races it is an indication of bias. Even though this can appear to be intentional at times, in police work that is focused on maintaining pace and order of our society, this discrimination is mostly unconscious and in turn is an implicit bias.

Implicit bias is a different example of implicit bias within police work. This is an assumption that certain races are most likely to be a cause of injury or pose a greater risk in comparison to others.