How Modern Compressor Technology Works – Technology Radio

tory of the machine era, air compressors are a relatively new invention. Prior to the invention of this device, many machines relied on complex machines that used belts, wheels and various other large components. This equipment is large heavy, bulky and costly. Also, it was prohibitively costly for small businesses. Air compressors come in various sizes, shapes and can be found in garages and huge workshops and large stores.

The compressor causes the air around it to expand when pressure is applied, producing potential energy that could later be stored in a tank. A pressure increase occurs when compressed air is let go. It creates kinetic energy that is used to power other devices, for instance, an open balloon. The energy generated can be utilized to power various pneumatic instruments. This video will explain how they work and covers everything beginning with the basics of operation, all the way through the numerous ways in which different compressors use to handle air displacement.