How to Care for Your Braces – Dental Hygiene Association

An orthodontist can give you the smile you desire using just a tiny amount of effort and some expensive equipment. Learn how to clean traditional braces if you want to start your journey.

Then, you will receive tips from your orthodontist as well as the team of their office on how you can manage your teeth and braces. It is a good idea to begin your preparations early.

The video below will demonstrate how you can take care of your braces and your teeth at in your own home. Cleaning your braces can be confusing at first. Then, you’ll have to consider braces as three-dimensional objects they are, so be sure to clean them on all sides that are exposed.

Flossing may be difficult when you wear traditional braces. A dentist assistant or an orthodontist should be able to give you the tools. This video will explain how you can use them to close the spaces between the teeth.

Avoid foods that your orthodontist recommends. Hard or extremely sticky foods could cause damage to braces and make it more likely for tooth decay. tqzh9vvjw7.