Identifying Your Knee Pain – Nutrition Magazine

It can affect any joint. Hips, wrists, fingers as well as other joints. The interior of a healthy knee is covered with cartilage and fluid. The cartilage is worn down and bones rub against the other, without padding. This causes the joints to swell. Osteoarthritis tends to be more common in the morning, and may improve by moving around. This also may wake you up at night. Osteoarthritis often runs through families. Other people at risk are those with old knee injuries. Extra weight can be damaging to joints. Your risk of becoming Osteoarthritis gets more severe as you age. This is a condition that is not treatable. Certain medications may help reduce pain and help you move more easily. Three main areas of treatment could be talked about with your doctor. Fitness is an excellent option to beat Osteoarthritis. Water aerobics are particularly good for the knees. The exercise does not place excessive pressure on joints. Physical therapy may also be considered. It is also possible to ask the doctor for advice when you’re not able to PT. qyh1e7zsn2.