Tips for Residential Cleaning – Business Training Video

Are you new to the world of residential cleaning? perhaps you’re thinking about what you should do and avoid. In this video, you will learn a few of the do’s and don’t’s of the residential cleaning service.
Dos and Don’ts

Keep up your marketing. It is easy to get distracted with work and neglect marketing, however it is essential to maintain your business’s viability.

To increase the size of your team To grow your team, ensure you recruit a lot of applicants. Networking is vital, too. This will allow you to increase your visibility, bring in new applicants, and assist in helping to grow your business. Always have a goal when you attend a networking event.

The Don’t’s

The most common do’s is don’t send a residential cleaner to a commercial job. It’s not fair to place them in this position.

Commercial work shouldn’t be priced like residential ones. This is a way to sell yourself short. Make sure to charge for your service.

You shouldn’t tailor your service for each client. Your team must be consistent with regards to their output.

You can find more information about residential cleaning in this video.