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Knee cap is attached to the patella tendon. If these tendon muscles are in a tight position, it places a lot of pressure on your knee cap which creates a lot of stress onto the joints. If you’re not able to execute these movements, it is possible for an individual to take on the task. For a better relief of pressure on the kneecap, you can place your fingers across the top of the cap. It is possible to push it in a sideways direction. You can move it back and forth from up to down or side-to side. Move it on if it starts to feel uncomfortable. It is best to stop moving it when it’s beginning to hurt. The next step to get into is quad sets. It is the ideal place to start if you’re having knee pains that are severe. Quad muscles are crucial. A foam roller is a great tool to help in reducing pain and injuries. It is possible to do this workout with your knee completely straight. The knee should be in a straight position. If you are keen to know more, keep watching this video for more information. ck8j8xcc75.