What Are the Benefits of DTF Printers? – Whart Design

The latest technology has been breaking ground recently with regard to t-shirt printing. A lot of people are using DTF printers which have been rapidly growing in popularity. There are many advantages to doing transfers using DTF printers.

DTF printers stand out since they employ liquid inks and not toners or screen printing inks. This is why they are extremely beneficial to produce t-shirts in mass quantities that are huge demand. It can print them quicker than any other printer and prints them much faster.

All types of t-shirt fabrics can be bonded to DTF transfer. They can be printed on cotton and polyester , on both white and black clothing. With how fast and efficient the DTF printers are, you can get through 35-40 transfers within an hour!

DTF printers are an excellent choice for transfer. DTF printers can make more than you want, and the quality of your products is superior. If you’re interested in learning more about how DTF transfers are created watch the video here for additional details.