What Does an AC Installation Entail? – Reference Books Online

Do not choose companies that cut corners. Look at the costs for a new AC.
The first time you visit, the AC installation expert will inspect your existing AC and collect information required to create an accurate proposal. A leader will discuss the details of the project prior to beginning the installation process.
If the circuit breaker had been shut down in the event of a power failure, the AC is required to be shut off. The group will then use a recovery machine to remove the refrigerant from the existing AC system. Then, they will disconnect the AC’s electrical wiring.
After preparing the site to accommodate the AC after which the professional levelles the soil and then replaces the pad used to support the AC. After the new AC is installed, the AC installer removes the existing indoor evaporation coil and prepares the supply plenum and then removes the refrigerant lines made of copper.
The specialist will set up a new evaporation coil as well as new refrigerant lines made of copper, the new air conditioner condenser and filter dryer. 42dvxqtsj8.