What is a Fire Alarm System and How Can it Protect Your Business? – Wall Street News

Although these systems may be required by law in many situations, it’s vital that everyone living or working in the building understands how they are supposed to inform everyone of possible fire.

The majority of fire alarms employ a type of sensor that detects smoke. There are many types of sensors, ranging from advanced to simple ones to those that require humans who pull levers in order to warn all people of a fire. Each fire alarm emits the same sound in the event that the sensor has been activated. The most common sound is a siren or bell. Owners of property should check their fire alarm systems as well as run a fire drill to assure that all the members of the building know the tone.

Advanced systems can send alerts to the local fire department. They’re typically located within public structures. Most residential systems require that homeowners dial 911 when they are away from their home. eeh6seat8g.