Whats the Purpose of Carbon Bearing Bush? – Living History Worldwide


However, some don’t know how to make one. This video on YouTube “Making Carbon Bushes to Gear Pump With Lathe Machine” will show you how it’s done perfectly so that your pump can be more durable. Here’s more information.

In the video, they were working on a shaft made of carbon that measured 50mm diameter. The shaft was put into the lathe machine , and began rotating it at high speed. Another component of the lathe will reduce the shaft until the required size. The operator must smooth the surface as the shaft moves. Once the shaft had been made to size and the worker sanded it, they re-cut it while the machine was in motion.

They then sprayed the sealing substance and then sanded down the surface again. The machine needed to keep running because they wanted their carbon bearing bush shrink. After they achieved the desired size, they utilized the exact lathe tool to remove the section of the shaft, which was made adjustments, and it was now ready to be put where they needed it.

To learn more about how to make a carbon bearing bush, it is possible to watch the entire in the tutorial video.