Why You Should Get Classic Car Insurance – Car Talk Radio


They are precious collectibles. The classic car insurance covers the vehicle in a way that regular car policies don’t. This video will provide a reason why car insurance for classic cars is important.

An age doesn’t define an old car. A car that is old may not qualify as an antique. Insurance companies assess a car’s worth and collectability, as well as whether it is likely to increase over time even if it’s currently newly built. There should be a lot of demand for collectors.

The value that is agreed upon for one’s collectible makes classic vehicle insurance distinct. It is the amount that the owner states as the value of the car. The actual cash value is the value that is covered by regular car.

A few conditions need to be met in order to qualify for Classic car insurance. The vehicle is going to be used long (e.g. attending car parades or car shows) thus premiums will decrease. The car must be stored at a garage. Teenagers aren’t allowed to drive such cars. Additionally, you have to prove that the vehicle is in use frequently.

Check out classic insurance quotes in case your classic is on the market. Learn if qualify to buy one.