Common Styles of Electronic Enclosures – Tech News

This type of enclosure can be similar to one another, but there are significant distinctions among the two. Clam enclosures may be referred to as U-shaped enclosures. They are easy to identify due to their shape in a U form. U-shaped enclosures can be very simple to create. This enclosure shape is commonly called L-shaped since one of the components in the enclosure is a letter L. This L shape permits the easy movement of boards however, with the U form, you be required to bend one the sides to ensure that the boards fit.

Wall Mount Closures

Wall-mount enclosures are similar as a panel mount enclosure but it is equipped with two doors. One door for access to parts within the enclosure. The other door allows access to power and other equipment (such routers). These enclosures are often installed in homes or offices that have limited space.

Rack Mount Enclosures

The rack-mount enclosure is usually attached directly to the server rack, making it appear as if it is part of the rack from below or above.