Why You Should Call the Air Conditioning Company During Extreme Heat – Awkward Family Photos


cooling systems for their home. This type of technology, also referred to as central air, or air conditioners, is complex and manufactured by air conditioning companies. Along with cooling, air conditioners control airflow, temperature, and humidity of the room or the entire dwelling. Thus, if installing one in your home today, it’s a great plan to know what is involved in an appliance, how it operates, and also how to ensure it’s maintained.

These air conditioners come in different sizes and varieties. They’re all based on the same concept – take the heat and humidity from the air in that enclosed area of your home and exchange it for cold air.

The majority of air conditioning systems utilize a chemical that is highly specialized, known as refrigerant. It’s also comprised of three key mechanical components that include the evaporator coil along with the condenser coil. And obviously the compressor. These three components are crucial in quickly converting the refrigerant chemical from gas to liquid and in reverse.

The photos show how Fayetteville’s Air cooling company received an influx of calls from customers due to the rising temperature.