Custom Wood Doors – Home Improvement Videos

It will be applied with shellac to the doors of closets. The doors are originally bare Birch. The doors are in fact MDF core. They’re very heavy that makes them comfortable in closing and opening. Additionally, they are soundproof. Birch is a beautiful wood. It has a tiger-striped pattern on it. The stripes will really sparkle when you put the shellac onto. Amber Shellac is the type he is using. As you can see from the video, it’ll require sanding in spots that are darker in comparison to other areas. After he has sanded it, he can apply another coat of shellac. It is soundproof because there are many layers. Wood is also soundproof. The shellac seal can help in the soundproofing. It took about four coats on. Though you don’t need such a large amount of paint, it’s preferential to use a lot of coats instead of none. Doors made of birch have lots of advantages their doors, but they are expensive. If you are keen to know more about the benefits watch this video for more information. ti8gfo9pxb.