How Bail Bonds Work in The U.S. – EDUCATION WEBSITE

The bail bond industry has been around for many years. The public has only recently begun to challenge the established order of bail bond firms. The general public is starting to question whether or not bail bonds are legal or not. Does it make sense to hold for the one who is unable to pay for the bail amount over someone who is rich enough to make it? If an individual is arrested on suspicion of committing a serious offence the person is required to remain in jail until their bail hearing. A judge is required to post bail. Judges will announce bail. If the defendant is unable to make the payment, the defendant will be detained until their trial. If you want to avoid this and that is to employ bail bond agents. Agents are usually available all days and even during the night. Agents for bail charge between 10 up to 15% of bail amount. The amount could be negotiated or less depending on the crime. The bail agent may ask you to sign collateral by the bail agent. This helps ensure that they will appear in court. When the bail is made payable to the court the accused will be freed from the jail. Continue watching the video if you want to know more. 2b3rdpetds.