How Asphalt is Installed – Kredy Online

the job is done well. In the video below, they are working on your driveway made of asphalt.

The preparation of the driveway’s sub-grade or base is the first process. It is essential that the dirt underneath the driveway has been leveled to allow water drainage away from your home. It is essential that the water drain off of the asphalt too.

Also, gravel and rocks are to be removed. Contractors will eliminate whatever they think is moving underneath their feet. Sand, clay and topsoil are also to be removed using roadbase limestone or other substances added.

It isn’t necessary to crown driveways, also. It should have a consistent slope from one end towards the opposite. The act of reclaiming asphalt could cause premature damage, and bad contractors employ this technique as a means to take homeowners off.

Rollers are then used to compact the subgrade while an herbicide is then put down so that the you don’t have weeds ruining your driveway. Asphalt is then installed with an asphalt paving machine , ensuring even thickness and ease of use.

Once everything is laid out and compacted, it is now ready to be sealed and you are all set for your driveway to begin! Simply click on the image above to learn more about the process.